Promotion and Defence of Christian Faith

Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches aspires to be a promoter and defender of the Christian faith through building sustainable ministries and serving and transforming our society and God’s world.

About the Program

b) To train a new generation of leaders for the church of today and tomorrow.

a)Training of Christian ministers to know and apply sound doctrinal teachings, apologetics and transformational and servant leadership to impact the church, the market-place and the nation.

c) “The Congress” will introduce learning centres such as mission schools, youth training centres and speciality care centres such as care centres for persons living with a disability.

“Apologetics, however, does not just entail defence. It also involves offence, the positive task of constructing a case for Christianity that shows itself to be applicable to every culture, as well as being the only (and therefore the best) alternative to the world’s philosophical and theological systems of thought. In other words, apologetics can be used to show that Christianity is true and that all non-Christian world views are false.”
R.C. Sproul, Defending Your Faith: An Introduction